24/7 Technical Assistance

We are ready to assist you 24/7. Please call our Technical Support team: 1 300 88 1221

Initial steps you can take:

If possible, always try to troubleshoot or do a quick check by yourself first, such as:

            1. Ensure that all equipment are switched on and properly connected to the power points.
            2. Ensure that all equipment are correctly connected to each other, no loose cable connections.
            3. If you think your Internet connection is slow or erratic, you may want to test your Internet speed at the UniFi Speedtest first.
                 + If the results return as normal, the problem may be caused by the website or server you are accessing.
                 + If the results return as unsatisfactory, call us immediately for assistance.

Things you SHOULD NOT DO:

Do not carry out any of the following without any advice from the TM UniFi Centre or TM Technicians:

            1. Hard reset or reconfigure the following equipment:
                + Broadband Termination Unit (BTU)
                + Residential/Premise Gateway (RG/PG)
                + Set-Top-Box (STB)

            2. Hard resetting the above equipment may cause service interruption
            3. Unplug or move existing wiring especially cables that connect the Fibre Wall Socket (FWS) to the BTU and BTU to the RG/BG.

UniFi Service Guide
The easy steps on knowing UniFi services.
    1.  Residential Service Guide
    2.  Business Service Guide
    3.  MCMC Anti Spamming Toolkit
    4.  MCMC Press Release Anti Spamming Toolkit
    5.  Third Party E-mail Setting
    6.  HyppTV Service Guide
    7.  Set-Top-Box (STB) Self Installation Guide

UniFi Equipments User Manual
You may download the user manual as for your reference.
    1.  Optical Network Unit.
    2.  VDSL2 Modem.
    3.  Residential @ Business Gateway.
    4.  HyppTV Set-Top-Box (STB).
    5.  Cordless / DECT Phone.

Wireless Technology - An Understanding

Enhance Your Wireless Coverage

Self Service Troubleshooting

CPE Warranty





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